Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Package PrizeChemical Product PrizeFashion PrizeReady-Made Prize
Clothing PrizeInterior Furniture PrizeCostume PrizeEvent Prize
Homeware PrizeMilan PrizeExcellence PrizeWorldwide Awards Prize
Manufacturers PrizePrime PrizeGood PrizeMagnificient Prize
Greatest Artists PrizeHighlighting PrizeTop Artists PrizeDesignPreis Prize
Festivals PrizeOutstanding PrizeTop Design PrizeTop Notch Design Prize
Professional Designer PrizeProfessional Architect PrizeDesignprix PrizeOffice and Bureau Prize
Residency PrizeArt Installations PrizeMarine Vessels PrizeAircrafts Prize
Hospitality PrizeTrophy PrizeOutranking PrizeTradefair Prize
WorldsBest PrizeMathematics and Nature PrizeEngineering PrizeInstitute Prize
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